The marylai handbag collection merges high quality materials with ultramodern designs.  It was established in New York 2012 and now based in Los Angeles.  The versatile bags are produced in limited runs using beautiful hand selected leathers, materials, and custom hardware.  Designer, Mary Lai, has achieved several awards after launching the brand including the Independent Handbag Awards to the American Express Rising Star of Fashion.

The seasoned designer with an entrepreneurial spirit has expanded her scope of work from her personal handbag collection to working with other brands and clients.  It is about staying creative, stimulated, and continuing to grow in your field.  In the past few years in LA, Mary has had the opportunity to work on luxury home design, have endeavors in the art world, and collaborate with notable clients.  She is currently working with select clients on building consequential brands with her 15 years of design experience.  Outside of art and design, she is focused on her growing family and finding the balance between both worlds.