OPTIMYSTIC | Brandon Boyd Pop Up Gallery + Shop



Brands evolve and people change.  Before I was focused on building my personal handbag brand but I've shifted gears and have been working on a lot of other passion projects. 

One of the projects I just completed with the coolest humans is the OPTIMYSTIC Pop Up Gallery + Shop by Brandon Boyd, curated with his art manager Jen DiSisto of ARTDUET.  They wanted to create a gallery experience with fine art but also have a range of products that his fans can collect and gift for the holidays. 

It was a treat to be able to go through Brandon's never been seen before artwork, sketchbooks, and doodles to figure out what we could make into patches, enamel pins, bags, scarves, stickers and more.  Then we made the idea a reality and produced a beautiful limited edition collection for the Pop Up. 

The opening night and weekend was a huge success that they extended the event for another week.  But don't worry if you missed the Pop Up at the 101/Exhibit Gallery in West Hollywood because some of the products are now available on his website: brandonboyd.me

Not only was the Pop Up Shop killer but the rest of the Gallery was out of this world.  Brandon is pure talent and even if he may be known more for his music with Incubus, his artwork is just as compelling.  I loved the other artist-friends he featured that were different aesthetically but curated so well collectively (Tasya van Ree, Natalie Bergman and Diana Garcia).  Super inspired from this group and grateful to be able to collaborate with such talent.  

Mary Lai