A little over an hour drive from the city you can go north to New Canaan, Connecticut to see The Glass House by Philip Johnson.  We signed up for the two-hour tour that took us around his property.  (Get tickets in advance because they tend to sell out).  In the house of glass, the views of the landscape are beautiful and were considered his ‘expensive wallpaper’. GLASS HOUSE

It was a toss up between which part of his property was my favorite - the Painting Gallery or the Sculpture Garden.  The Painting Gallery was built underground and held a portrait of Johnson by Andy Warhol on a revolving wall.  There were other works of art displayed that could be moved on these smart revolving racks that had carpeted panels.  The Sculpture Gallery was just as intriguing.  The play of light and shadows reflecting from the glass roof was like a painting.  I would love to see it at night and see the transformation with a different source of light.