The Armory Show

by Valentina Osorio Recently, I was able to enjoy the Armory Art Week at Pier 92 & 94 and they had a lot of different art from all over the world. Between interactive pieces, video art and really amazing installations, you were surrounded by art at every corner.   Glenn Kaino's arrows (shown above) drew me in and loved how people interacted with the piece.

Edwynn Houk Gallery's presentation featured a New York cityscape painted on doors. It's hard to miss the reference of New York City being the gate way to your dreams, a world of opportunities a door knob away.  Another piece I loved was Xu Zhen’s Metal Language which left me laughing while reading the metallic script on the mirror.

Jocelyn Hobbie's portraits were so fun with the colors and patterns that I immediately pictured them as being perfect for any fashionistas home/office decor.  The portraits transport you to an etheral world and leave you wondering what's behind the model's vacant yet transfixed glares.  A stand out from the show, one of my favorites, was Patrick Jacobs’ Double Fairy Ring with Dandelions, a diorama installed into the wall whose broad field you could only see when stepping close to the wall and moving around, the interactive element adding magic to the piece.  You can view more from the Armory show at

ArtMary Lai