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There was a long line outside the David Zwirner Gallery to see the latest Yayoi Kusama exhibition.  ‘I Who Have Arrived in Heaven’ was filled with her signature dots, and her patterns have now expanded to include eyes, dotted worms, stripes, flower petals, and sunrays.  The infinity rooms were out of this world and a trip into her psychedelic mind.


It is amazing to see how Kusama has continued her artistic journey from the 60’s in New York, back to Japan, and now to be the international artist she is today.  A beacon in the avant-garde, Pop Art, minimalist and feminist art movements, the Japanese artist’s portfolio includes painting, collage, sculpture, performance art and installations.


Here are more of her pieces that we saw exhibited in Miami during Art Basel.  You can spot her work from miles away and she continues to inspire us through her evolution.

Stay posted for the rest of our Art Basel run-through & inspirations coming up next!