The Mason Tote in this new color was ready just in time to go apple picking.  This deep red leather w. gunmetal hardware is a beauty and the perfect fall accent for your wardrobe in the Big Apple or anywhere. Naomi

So enough about bags, let’s talk about cuteness overload.  These adorable kids are my nieces, nephew and their friend.  They loved picking all the apples off the tree but carrying the heavy bags was another story.  Naomi dragged the bag full of apples till she got tired.  Then it was our turn.


Penny loved taking bites out of the Golden Delicious & Honeycrisp.  And Emmet was more into climbing the ladders than the apples.


Dylan and Penny were strutting the canvas totes with their bright rain boots in the sunshine.  That is some colorful style starting young.  Solebury Orchards was a great farm to visit and the apple cider and doughnut was the best treat at the end.