We all know that when interviewing for a new job, first impressions count for a lot. Our graphic designer friend, Kate, asked us if we could help her with a DIY portfolio case that would give her a little extra edge meeting with perspective employers and freelance clients. 2MLBlog_Image2

After talking to Kate about the concept for this bag and sketching out our design, we began working on the pattern. Since the main function of this bag is business/interview related, we created the perfect pockets in the front to fit both resumes and business cards for easy accessibility.


After a little industrial sewing machine demo, Kate was excited to start putting her portfolio case together. And for a first sample we were impressed. Once she completed her sample, we surprised her with a finished portfolio case with a detachable messenger strap we made for her.  We had a blast doing this DIY and hope the new portfolio bag helps Kate for her bright future ahead.