LA Times

A few days in LA was exactly what was needed to relax & refresh.  The vibe, people and weather always gets us coming back... LA2

We got to catch up with our girl crush Dani Song. We adore her cool LA style and love that she's been rocking our bags since we launched our collection. We got to catch up with her over coffee and here's 5 questions with Dani:


Did you have fashion influencers growing up? How did you become the style influencer you are today?

D: My major influencer is of course my sister Aimee Song who is not only a fashion blogger but a talented interior decorator. My mother was also an interior decorator with a great sense of style and growing up she had a clothes store which really influenced our love for fashion. I also look to a lot of street style, menswear, womenswear and mix it up.

You're a woman of many talents between photographing, styling hair, and doing makeup. What are your true passions?

D: I love what I do because I work for myself and take on projects with brands I enjoy. I also love traveling with my sister and being her hair stylist, makeup artist and the photographer. This is my passion and i'm also excited about a special design project that I'm working on with Aimee. Looking forward to revealing that soon.

What is something people don't know about you?

D: If you follow my instagram and social media I look like I'm always out partying and people think I'm a social butterfly. However, people don't realize I am actually very shy. It takes me awhile to get to know people and open up.

Who is one person you want to meet dead or alive? Why?

D: Tupac. I love him, his music and lyrics.

Any plans for this year?

D: I'm looking forward to my second trip to Morocco :D