Attended Fashion PR Confidential this past weekend which was informative and a delight. 2two

Day 1:

+ Really loved walking into the classroom with a Gallery setting – beautiful pieces by Nadene Grey | Second Sky were displayed.  The additional decorations with balloons, ribbons & flowers were a visual bonus.

+ Great vibe with motivated twenty-something year olds, dressed to the nines and ready to conquer PR.  All were camera-ready for their headshots & ‘instagames’ of who wears the bonlook sunglasses the most creative way.

+ Dove right in with Danika & Crosby on PR planning, pitching and press releases.  You can hear all the typing with intense note-taking on all the labtops.

+ Delicious lunch served from Chef Pierre Thiam Catering, which re-energized for the second half of the day or did the opposite with food coma because it was so good.

+ PR events seem to have the best gift bags!  My search for a medi ring can end since Tnemnroda (Adornment spelt backwards) gifted an intricate gold beauty.  Other goodies from @saplingpress @amarteskincare @trendseeder and @new_hope_soap

+ Here are three steps on how to get a new brand rolling: create ‘Awareness’ to gain ‘Acceptance’ followed by ‘Action’ which is hopefully the sale.

Day 2:

+ Gave myself a mani for class 2 from the gift bag with the ‘Nail the Pitch’ Pretty Please polish and the printed Jamberry nail wraps to create some funky colorful nails.  To top it all off with a temporary tattoo from Tattly - Genius, to have a watch displaying ‘LATE’ for me!

+ Branding and Imaging from Samantha Lim, the importance of having a consistent message.  “Be honest in your brand message so people can trust and engage with you.”

+ Was amped to have a vine contest using our Essex Clutch as the prize.  The winning vine.

+ Beauty PR maven, Alexis Rodriguez chatted about her experiences working in the fashion and beauty industry and how to succeed.

+ One-on-one reviews with our practice pitch - extremely helpful.  The best pitch won a Cambridge Satchel - incentives everywhere!  One of the best giveaways was a book by Crosby, which I am reading right now.

+ An adorable ending with a diploma & cupcakes!  Seriously feel like I have my homework set out for me.

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