Ice Cream + Bunnies

Been super occupied getting ready for the baby on the way + the day job... that keeping up with the bags + blog have fallen a little behind.  But there is no excuse.  To make it easier we'll just mix everything going on in life and share it more on the blog.  As you can see the third trimester has put ice cream and bunnies on the brain. 1. Went to the opening reception of the Gregory Siff Exhibition - 'Portrait of an American Ice Cream Man'.  Enjoyed the sweet theme, the raw artistic style and the ice cream that was served.  2. Finding my new love for pink... here is the new Belmont Xbody.  3. Got to check out the traveling exhibition of the Bunny Lights in DTLA. Intrude by Amanda Parer.  4. This is how my pregnancy brain feels. Sweet Melting Benches.  5. Decorating the baby room is taking me to fun prints like this.

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