The marylai handbag collection merges high quality materials with ultramodern designs.  It was established in New York 2012 and now based in Los Angeles.  The versatile bags are produced in limited runs using beautiful hand selected leathers, materials, and custom hardware.  Designer, Mary Lai, has achieved several awards after launching the brand including the Independent Handbag Awards to the Amex Open Rising Star of Fashion.

The seasoned designer with an entrepreneurial spirit also works with other brands and projects.  The indie handbag brand evolves with the designer as situations and passions shift in life.  Currently, Mary, Jerry (hubs), Bang Bang & Boh Boh (furry kids) are obsessed with the new addition to the family - baby girl RyRy.  Motherhood has given her new inspiration to create more aspects of her art.  The mission is to always create and do what you love.